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Review by Anna A. 9/3/2016

Callie was AMAZING.  This was literally the best haircut experience I have EVER had in MY LIFE.  Especially if you have curly hair, Callie is the girl for you!  I had been afraid to go get my haircut anywhere for the past ten years (no joke, did it myself) because of bad experiences with stylists that did not know how to deal with curly hair.  Callie is 100% the opposite.  She sat down and talked me through my hair routine, I even took notes!!  She spent so much time and DID NOT RUSH through it AT ALL, even when her friend came by and I was the last customer for the day, she took her time.  she was very kind and super genuine.  She is passionate about what she does and it shows.  She knew so much, even the science behind what is happening with hair.  I have no more words.  Just go.  Worth every penny and more.  Thanks, Callie!  You are awesome :)


Review by Ashley T. 

Callie is the best person I have ever had with my curly hair. She had given me tricks and I felt like she KNEW my hair. I will only be going to her from now on. Plus, she is quite fun to talk to!!

 Review by Alexis V

Absolutely the best  haircut/ treatment that I have ever had in my life! At least 3 years ago I had a keratin relaxing treatment done, which completely ruined and damaged my curls to beyond repair. Not only was Ieft with pretty much dried hair, I lost my curl pattern. Since then I have been trying to revive it on my own scramming through every product and recommendation from every single curly hair blog, youtube video, and websites; which to my luck did nothing. Until Callie did her magic and created a miracle. Compared to what I thought will be permanent damage, I saw my hair come back from the dead and it was also looking more luscious then it did before the damage. Not only were the results astonishing, but the service was relaxing and friendly! Usually I hate going to stylist because you normally come out with all your hair gone and with a hair do that you were too nice not to say anything about. But Callie was very sweet and down to earth. She also made sure that I was okay with the length that I felt comfortable with. What I also love about my experience was Callie educated me on my hair and taught me about the right products. If I do say so myself, changed my entire perspective on curly hair. From now on Callie will be the only hairdresser to touch my hair since she actually knows what she's doing. If possible five stars holds no justice to the beauty and generosity that this hair studio provides. To all my fellow Curly Hair's this hair studio is our Paradise. 

CL2 Hair Studio Reviewed on The Knot Wedding Network

Callie is wonderful!   posted 2/9/2011

Callie is my normal stylist, and I used her to do both my hair and my mom's. She is just great - an amazing hair artist and also a wonderful person. She is easy going and made everything so easy for me. I highly recommend her for weddings and for any other hair needs. She is one of a kind!

Email Message to CL2HairStudio@Gmail.com

Hey Callie,
Just wanted to let you know that I've had a TON of compliments on my hair this past week.  Don't be surprised if people start coming by requesting "The Tiffany"  I think you've started something! ;)
Hope you had a great weekend!

Salon Review posted on www.NaturallyCurly.com

After reading a review for Callie, I decided to try her out, and I'm so happy! Callie really does know her stuff and teaches you about your hair type. She tells you what she does each step of the way so you can do it on your own. Her hair is beautifully curly, and she respects that each curly head is different. She gave me the best haircut I've ever had! No more trimming the ends and having no style. I have a thinning hair problem on the scalp, and the cut helps give an illusion of thickness. She really helped me love how my curls are part of me and to stop fighting with them. I thought I knew my products, but she used opposite of what I would have, and she was right! My curls were definied and my thinning hair looked so much fuller. The salon is very calming and welcoming, and even though I live 1 1/2 hours away, it's worth going to there! Thanks, Callie!
Stylist - Callie Leonor
After reading the review about Callie, I decided to try her out. Knowing I was a first time client, she booked more than enough time to answer some questions I had about my curls and share some tips about handling New Orleans weather. Having curly hair herself she's aware of troubles and woes of finding someone who can cut and color curls without straightening, and she isn't crazy about making you crunchy or greasy with products. She works by herself so I had to book my appointment online and wait for an email back as a confirmation, but that was ok. The salon environment was cool and laid back. The one on one attention was different for me since the salons I usually visit have at least eight people working along side you. The shampoo was great and she really seems to love curly hair and being a hairstylist. The review read Maple street but she has since moved post Katrina to Adams street, which is around the corner from where she was.